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Fixing EhCache / Tomcat memory leak warnings.
We were receiving messages such as this: The web application [/services] appears to have started a thread named [net.sf.ehcache.Cach...
12 Feb 2014
No-Fuss Tomcat 5.5 installation on OSX 10.5 (December 2009)
After a bit of googling on the topic I couldn't find a decent guide of how to install Tomcat 5.5 on OSX. Here's how I did it. Download the apache-tomcat-5.5.28...
1 Dec 2009
Solving Pebble deployment issues on Tomcat 5.5 caused by Java Security Manager policies on Debian
When you install Tomcat 5.5 on a debian 4 distro (apt-get install tomcat5.5) the Tomcat installation is locked down so that it's quite secure - explict permission must be given to webapps that need to write to the filesystem, especially if those webapps ...
3 Feb 2009
Configuring TomCat and Pebble
In order to setup this blog I needed Tomcat, I'm well versed with IIS and Apache vhost configurations but it took a little bit of research and fiddling to get vhosts up and runnign with tomcat, the only reason I had such a problem was that I wanted my ...
20 Jan 2009