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Displayport port

yes, displayport port

Whoever thought of calling a new technology used to connect displays to devices 'displayport' needs to be given a dunce hat, be chained up somewhere in public so we that can all go and laugh at him and call him an idiot.


Well, I've got a 'dvi' port, an 'hdmi' port, a 'vga' port and, wait for it, a 'displayport' port.


Tech support call scenario:

Tech guy: Is your monitor connected via displayport?
Customer: yes
Tech guy: And it doesn't work?
Customer: nope, i get no display, I've got my cable plugged in, but nothing
Tech guy: On the monitor, what input is selected?
Customer: Umm, let me check: 'Displayport'
Tech guy: What does your cable look like?
Customer: It's got two large white connectors on either end.
Tech guy: that's a DVI cable, not a displayport cable
Customer: Well, it connects to a display port on the back of the computer, so it's a display port cable right?
Tech guy: No the idiots that came up with the displayport technology gave it a stupid name.
Tech guy: Just select DVI on your monitor instead of 'Displayport'
Customer: Oh yeah, that fixed it.
Tech guy: Great,  you've no idea how many calls like that I get
Other tech guy: Another consumer confused by 'displayport'?
Tech guy: yup
Both tech guys: *sigh*

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