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Browser Wars Vs Solitaire Wars

I read with despair that yet again the EU seeks to penalise Microsoft for having the apparent gall to include some additional software (Internet Explorer) with Windows, based on the objections from a competing company (Opera).

I mean WTF.

What about all the other software that ALL operating system manufactures have ALWAYS included with their systems.

Imagine if there was a lawsuit or EU injunction against Microsoft or Apple because they included a game of Solitaire with their operating system, or how about a lawsuit because Apple included Finder and Microsoft included Windows Explorer so that users could perform operations on files.

I personally have written two a GUI based file manager (FMan for DOS and AFCopy for the Amiga) and you don’t hear about me filing lawsuits about loss of business.  Granted in my case no one uses DOS or the Amiga anymore, but there’s plenty of alternatives for Windows Explorer – Windows Commander, Directory Opus etc.  How many different versions of Solitare game are there for Windows and OSX, are the authors of those going to be able to get the EU to make Apple or Microsoft remove them from their Operating System?  No,  so then why the hell should Opera be given the privilidge.

Instead of hiring lawyers the company that builds the Opera browser should spend their money making better software that people actually want to use.  If it’s good enough people will install it!

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